J4K 2018 Goalkeeper Goalie Soccer Glove Range

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J4K 2018 Goalkeeper Goalie Soccer Glove Range


The J4K goalkeeper goalie soccer glove brand is the brainchild of Ray Newland who is the owner of Just4keepers School Academy based out of England. Ray, as an ex professional goalkeeper who played for Everton created just4keepers out of his passion to train and develop young goalkeepers. He came to realize fairly quickly that goalkeeper families were paying way too much money for their goalkeeper gloves just because of the brand. The BIG brands as he call them, put on a high price based on the money they spend on pro goalkeeper contracts and not just because of the quality of the gloves. In fact j4k gloves are made in the same factories those BIG brands are made in with the same high specifications but are sold at a fraction of the cost because he does not believe in giving pro goalkeepers those HUGE sponsoring contracts. Instead you will find j4k sponsoring youth goalkeepers. 

The J4k gloves are always made with the highest specifications for their price range and are designed by ex pro goalkeepers who know what a goalkeeper glove should feel and perform like. J4K concentrates on goalkeeper gloves and gear, not all sporting goods. The designs, color selection and different glove cuts are sure to satisfy any goalkeeper's need. The big brands are usually putting out one style of glove in a specific cut. J4k gloves put out stylish gloves in different cuts, like roll finger, negative cut, hybrid, just to name a few, so that it will satisfy any fit. Most J4K gloves come with removable finger savers. This option allows goalkeeper to remove the spines when they are washed, so they do not rip. It also allows the goalkeepers who do not want finger savers on all fingers to arrange them as they feel comfortable. Remember, not all fingers and hands are the same therefore all gloves can not fit the same.

The J4K brand is proud to be different and have all their gloves designed and tested by ex pro keepers.

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