Is there a difference between a soccer ball and a futsal ball

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Is there a difference between a soccer ball and a futsal ball

Futsal is gaining a lot of momentum worldwide and more and more players are playing this exciting type of soccer. Many parents and players when first starting out to play futsal do not realize that there is a different ball used to play futsal than your regular soccer game. Just like education must happen to understand why players should play futsal, education must happen to understand the difference between a futsal and a soccer ball and why they should be used appropriately. The focus of futsal is to get better at ball mastery, footwork and technique among other things. Having a ball that does not bounce as much and stays close to the feet as much as possible is ideal to work on such things. That is where a futsal ball comes in. The main difference between a Futsal ball and a regular soccer ball, is that the bladder is filled with foam. That makes the ball heavier and have less bounce for use on the hard-playing surface. The size is also different from a size 4 soccer ball to a size 4 futsal ball. A size 4 futsal ball is smaller. Depending on how old a futsal player is futsal balls have sizes as well but most brands stick with an adult size and a junior size.

Futsal balls are specifically designed for playing on hard courts or hard surfaces, (can be indoor or outdoor). The way the balls are constructed allow their features to make it easier to control and less likely to run away from players, resulting in a game that encourages footskills and close combination play. Just like soccer balls there are several ball brands that make a futsal ball and off course the price depends on the quality of the material and the way the ball is constructed, like hand sawn or machine made.

The easiest way to make sure you are getting a futsal ball is just hold it in front of you and drop it to the floor. If it does not bounce you got a futsal ball. At anysportz we offer futsal balls for any age and price point. If you wish to speak with us before you make a purchase please contact us and we will be more than happy to assist you.

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