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J4K Futsal Genesis 

The J4K Futsal Genesis Goalkeeper Glove is ideal for futsal goalkeeper training at any level, youth futsal goalies to high school, college, semi-professional and professional level. 

As always J4K gloves are high specifications gloves with perfect, affordable price points so that everyone can enjoy them without paying high prices. All gloves are made by the same factories and the same materials. The price changes depending on what brand is stitched on the glove. The big brands must charge more money to pay all the pro goalkeepers that they sponsor. In fact when purchasing big brand gloves most of the time you are paying as much as double for the same specification gloves.

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Goalkeeper Glove Specifications are:

J4K Futsal Genesis

Just4keepers futsal goalkeeper gloves

Front Palm: 3 + 3 mm New Basic Latex

Back Hand: 3 + 3 mm New Basic Latex

WristbandLock it strap for extra sturdiness 

Material: Neoprene Sublimation for comfort fit and ultimate tight feeling.

IMPORTANT: All J4K gloves have been tried and tested by ex and current professional goalkeepers to maintain our high standards.